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ArgoChange S.A will not ask you ever and by any mean your code. They are personal and should not be disclosed to anyone. Choose and store your passwords so that they are not easily retracted from others

Use the Agent Connect only through the website of the ArgoChange S.A. and not via links (links) to other sites, search engines or e-mail. Don't attempt to login to the Agent Connect through a computer not certified by Agro Change S.A.

Warning! There are reports of malware that can be installed on your PC before you know it and are trying to steal access passwords. If during sign-on to Agent Connect you notice anything unusual, such as "odd" messages that prompt you to re-enter your passwords, do not respond. Try to, clean your system from any viruses or malicious programs. Ignore and delete at once "suspicius" e-mails that encourage you to give personal information,contains links or attached files.

For any questions or problems tha may occure please contact us.

Contact phones:210-5243171 & 210-5226814

Contact with: Zoidis Athanasios

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